Client Results

Below Are A Selection Of Case Studies And Feedback From Clients That Have Worked With Mark Over The Last 7 Years.

Jane Graham

United kingdom

What Was The Situation Before You Started Working With Mark?

I was stuck. All of the changes I'd made in my life weren't making any difference, I just kept ending up in the same place. I was living day to day without real plans for the future. I had experienced lots of personal development, done a lot of self reflection, worked hard to address issues that I experienced and yet at best I was just surviving.

What Made You Decide To Work With Mark?

I liked the fact it was a programme that I had to commit to do the work for. I liked the fact that it didn't seem easy and it described the issues I was facing; making changes, seeing great results and then eventually ending up back where I started. It had to be now, as I wasn't prepared to put up with this situation any longer.

What Would You Say To Others Thinking About Working With Mark?

Do it. It will change your life and that of your family. In turn it will create a butterfly effect that will have in ways you can't even imagine. Invest in you, do the hard work, because it's the only way to truly make the difference. This is the most important and valuable thing that I have ever done. It has and will forever be responsible for changing my life.

I feel like I am capable of anything now. I now know that when approaching all areas of my life I'm doing it from a place of clarity and power, not from a place of fear...which is massive for me.

Chris People


I'm much clearer about where I am and where I need to go, in order to achieve my goal. I feel confident in the journey ahead and ready to take action. I've gained far more insight than I'm able to write here. This is very, very different and superior to similar things I have tried in the past. I have done more in the last 4 weeks than in the last 3 years. Just sign up!

Mark Harries

United kingdom

What Was The Situation Before You Started Working With Mark?

I was struggling to get any work done on my businesses and my relationship was at a low. I felt very down and lacking energy, I was in a depressed state a lot of the time, ruminating excessively.

What Made You Decide To Work With Mark?

I liked Mark's presentation, and it was his honest straight up no bullshit approach. I felt that I needed someone to tell me how it is. Also I was at a point in my life where I felt everything was in crisis. I had to do something and I felt like I needed a helping hand.

What Would You Say To Others Thinking About Working With Mark?

I really liked the experience as tough as it was. It has made me see just how much I let my thoughts rule me. I am now looking more inside as to what I want instead of being pulled in every direction by the latest podcast or book.

I learned how much I've been glossing over the truth and making excuses. I'd been coasting for years and years and the this process forced me to look at some tough truths. I also learnt that I've been focusing way too much of what's wrong, while giving little credit to myself for what is right.

Be prepared to work for it, go in with some clear intentions of what you want from it. Don't go in unless you're 100% committed. And be curious and open to what comes up. Be brutally honest with yourself and you'll find some gold.

I like working with Mark because he'll call you out on your bullshit. He's clearly driven to help you progress and will keep you accountable. He's a great listener and helps you see insights you may never have seen otherwise. He has helped me see things in a very simple manner.

Samantha Tyson


Before working with Mark, I felt that it would be very difficult to get to the point I wanted. I now have more clarity about how to move things forward. If you're ready to do the work and take action, Mark will guide you through a process to support you in what you want to achieve. You will learn new skills that you can apply to both your business and your life.

Harriet Curry

United kingdom

What Was The Situation Before You Started Working With Mark?

I had a false sense of confidence through believing strategies or ways of working were either right or wrong - I wouldn't even consider giving other options space out of fear of them falling into the bad category.

To be honest, I just felt lost. I felt so stuck in this lens of seeing things as right or wrong, which actually just kept me frozen in a space where I couldn't move forward. I had zero structure.

What Made You Decide To Work With Mark?

I really liked your simple, no BS approach. I worked with a few people 1:1 for a variety of reasons but I was tired of fluffy conversation, and paying people who still held back from being straight with me when it came to what was holding me back. A lot of people find it difficult to articulate that to a client but not Mark.

What Would You Say To Others Thinking About Working With Mark?

Just do it. You won't come across someone easily who will be straight with you and call you out on your BS whilst still being compassionate and non-judgemental. This is an investment that will change your life. I couldn't imagine, or want to work with anyone else.

Sandra Forminaite


When I came to Mark I was confused and lost. I had zero clarity and no confidence. I was feeling overwhelmed and rapidly losing interest in my business. I know where to start. Mark provided a completely new approach and I now feel the possibilities are endless. Don’t waste one more day, take the opportunity to work with Mark now!

James Quigley

United kingdom

I’ve worked with Mark for over a year now, and if I had to sum up what I’ve gained from his coaching, it would be clarity, direction and ideas.

I was initially drawn to Mark because of his demonstrable experience. What hit me during our initial chats is that he was genuine – he did want to help in any way he could.

The problem that I had, is that I ‘sort of knew what I wanted’, but I didn’t have the answers. So quite quickly, Mark, with his experience was able draw out clarity in those ideas and suggest some direction for us to move forward with.

It’s a unique person who has both intellect and creativity, but that’s exactly what Mark has shown me in the time we’ve worked together. Mark is always able to see both the detail and the big picture.

It can be quite challenging when you step into a new path that you’re unfamiliar with, and all roads look new and you lack that confidence to almost keep moving forward because you don’t know if it’s the right way, and so Mark’s personal support and coaching has also helped me to break free of those chains holding me back.

I would recommend Mark to anyone considering personal or business coaching. Without him, I would probably have just ended up going round in circles wondering why everything I tried never achieved any level of success and now I just trust the process.

Michael Craigen


Going into this, my expectations were pretty high because I know Mark is very good at what he does, but all my expectations were exceeded. It was phenomenal. I think sometimes we get caught where we want to go to the next level but we are fearful or unclear. What Mark did was lay out a structure and a process that is easy to follow and makes sense. This was more value than I've ever experienced before.

Maria Waters


I feel liberated and free of the rut I was in. I have a clear plan of how I will use my skills to build a profitable business, and I feel confident that I can actually do it! Thank you for helping me to identify that I have it within me to reach my goals and ambitions with commitment, baby steps, actions and reviews. Yes, it was intensive and demanding, but it was also comprehensive and effective. Great job!

Jenny Mills


I now have a clear direction and achievable but challenging steps to move towards my goal. I am feeling more assured that I will have success. I am much more aware of what I want to do, not what I think I should do. I feel much more self-assured now. I highly recommend working with Mark.

Patrick Baron


I now feel calm and assured. The clarity I gained is a shift from doing the right things, as I thought I was supposed to do, to achieve a result I have determined. I am feeling good moving forward and I am clear about what I need to do.
Whatever stage you are at, Mark will meet your needs.

Dave Jordan


Mark is the best coach I have worked with. His brilliant process is designed to examine your beliefs and guide you to take focused action. Mark has a deep empathic understanding of how people think and behave. He really helped me to negotiate a difficult and stuck period in my life.

Caroline Silvestre


After working with Mark, I've gained full clarity when before I was in a haze. I feel confident and energised again. This has been one of the best decisions and investments I've ever made. Complete transformation, I have clarity and direction and I’ve learnt a great deal of skills and gained new perspectives.

Andrew Graham

united kingdom

Mark is a great coach. I've found him to be down-to-earth and highly relatable. He knows his stuff & openly shares learnings, experiences and coaching tools. My journey to date has been about: overcoming the past and building resilience which has helped massively throughout the Covid pandemic. I can't recommend him highly enough.

Karen Millar


I've just completed an intensive with Mark. I came with lots of questions and areas that I was concerned about. In particular, I was unsure how to push myself and forward in my business. We covered loads and I'm really satisfied now. I've got an event set up and I'm feeling confident, so it's onwards and upwards! I'm really excited about the future.

Lisa Crossan


Just completed an intensive with Mark, it's been quite different and taken things to a whole new level. He completely opened my eyes and skilfully pulled out everything I'd been thinking for years. Mark is the definite choice if you have ever contemplated doing something like this, he's an absolute genius at what he does and it's life changing stuff. 

David Barker


My life and business today doesn't compare to how it was a year ago when I first made contact with Mark. It is immeasurably better in all aspects. Working with Mark has been revealing, inspiring and life changing. If you really want to change how your life is and break out of the same cycles you're forever caught in, reach out to Mark asap.

Lee Bradford


I am a different person fron who I was when I started working with Mark. I am in the driver's seat of my life now. I feel better about myself. I have rediscovered who I am, what I like, what I want to do. I don't react in the old alarming way to things. If I was on a scale of 0-10, 0 being in a bad place, then I have jumped from 0 to 10. I have enjoyed the support and un-judgemental space Mark created. It has changed my life and how I think forever.

Carl Norton


Before working with Mark, I felt that I was stuck waiting for things to happen and this had been the case for over a year. I liked Mark's straight talking approach and I believed it was time to get off my arse and start doing something. I learned how to commit and plan clear outcomes. This process has changed my life. I feel more positive and open. If you're thinking of working with Mark, then get off your arse and do it. You'll never look back.

Karen Leith


Mark helped me to clarify what it is I want to do with my new career. Mark is a remarkable man. So if you are looking to further your business or take yourself in a different direction, please do yourself a favour and contact Mark. The process has been totally amazing. He can 100% help on your journey in life.

Spase Trajkovski


Mark is a huge and crucial part of what I have accomplished. I'm so grateful to have him in my life. I was hitting a wall for the longest time & I didn't know what to do. Thanks to Mark, my clarity levels went sky high and I realised what I needed to do. The new ideas, concepts and ways of thinking blew my mind.

Pauline McPetrie


I started working with Mark because I felt exhausted and overwhelmed with life, work, and family. Mark provided the space for me to acknowledge how I felt and also gave me the focus I needed to move towards my end result. I became aware of why I was so stuck in my life. It's been quite a journey. It's taught me more about who I am and what drives me. I feel I now know what's required and how to make things happen.

Rosie Lawson


I booked an intensive with Mark out in Spain. It was an amazing couple of days that challenged me in all sorts of different ways and allowed me to discover things about myself that I didn't really know. I've come away feeling excited about the future and with a really clear vision and goal. I'm so glad I trusted my instincts to do this and invested in myself. If you get a chance to do this, do it. It's an exciting, awesome process.